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Branding and

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Branding and Design

We apply the same rigorous approach to defining inspiring brand agendas for design work as we do for our advertising clients. With our deep understanding of brand comms we are uniquely aware of the powerful part design plays in creating the long term memory structures that defines a brand's distinctiveness. 

Abbott Lyon Client Logo Slider.png

Abbott Lyon

Brand refresh

Abbott Lyon are at a turning point in the brand’s story, bringing their vision for affordable luxury with meaningful personalisation to a much bigger audience. Having defined their Agenda Setting Idea, we set about elevating their branding to give them an identity as unique as their positioning. Like Tiffany blue and the red of Cartier, we wanted to own a colour. We moved the pale pink and pastel tones into a bolder peach colour that we use consistently.

AL New Logo 1x1.gif

We reimagined the Abbott Lyon logo and introduced of a makers mark that entwines the A and L. This is a contemporary expression of the craft and quality that goes into every piece.  It is even a piece of jewellery in it’s own right.  Naturally for a socially-driven brand, the mark comes to life in an animation that creates this beautiful shape. Whether the buyer experiences this new branding in their instagram feed or in store, or someone receives a gift in the beautiful new packaging, they know the brand stands for inspiration to create something that is truly their own.

Very Group logo.png

The Very Group

Corporate brand identity

Over 10 years we partnered with Shop Direct to help build the hugely successful Very brand, taking it virtually from launch to being a £1.7bn brand. In 2019 the group decided to leverage the increasing fame of the Very brand and rebranded to The Very Group. We won the task of designing the corporate visual identity. The logo is based on the pink box we created for the Very brand in 2015.

Very Skyways House.jpeg
Bulmers Logo.png


Packaging redesign

Bulmers is a Heineken owned cider brand made from 100% British apples. With many similar-looking brands in the cider category, our challenge was to refresh the packaging to give it some flair and help consumers understand it's quality credentials. We recognised that the apple could become a strong design element, taking the look and feel from overly masculine and lackluster to appealing and aesthetic. We worked with an illustrator to create the bespoke apple design and the new look and feel was applied to the bottles, multipacks and cans.

Bulmers B&W logo FINAL white.png
Bulmers Logo Lockup FINAL white.png
Bulmers Pack Shot BOTTLES.jpg
Bulmers Pack Shot PACKS.jpg
Old Mout Logo.png

Old Mout Cider

Packaging redesign

With more and more fruit flavoured cider brands entering the market, Old Mout's 5 year old packaging was looking a little tired and in need of a refresh. Our challenge was to reinvigorate the brand packaging to help it stand out on shelf, driving awareness for the brand. We injected more colour in the packaging by redesigning the fruit depictions to increase taste appeal and awareness of Old Mout's delicious flavours. We updated all of Old Mout's ciders across their bottles, cans and multipacks.

Old Mout Pack Shot V1.jpg
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