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Go Grab the Butterkist

Butterkist is the nation’s favourite popcorn; it’s the classic movie night snack to be shared by all the family. But new news in the category risked relegating the brand to ‘old school’. 

Butterkist - Here for the Drama - Westminster _retouch.jpeg

A popcorn moment is a shared, unmissable moment; it could be on telly, at a sports game, or even in politics. As the nation’s favourite popcorn, only we could truly own those moments.

In January 2022, we hijacked the most unmissable moment in recent memory. #Partygate had become more showbiz than showbiz itself, giving us the perfect opportunity to show how we were "here for the drama".

With Sue Gray’s report ready to land at any moment, our Butterkist ad-van popped up in Westminster to seize the headlines. Following the stunt, “Butterkist” received 8 million impressions on Twitter, and was featured in 8 national news titles, 10 trade titles, reaching a total of 86 million people worldwide — all within 48 hours!

Wagatha in-situ.jpg

Next, with the "Wagatha Christie" drama unfolding before our eyes, we gave everyone a reason to #GoGrabTheButterkist...

Mail Comp.png
Express Comp.png

The stunt was picked up by both The Daily Mail and The Express, and earned over 130,000 organic impressions, proving that Butterkist truly is the nation's favourite when it comes to enjoying a good drama...

Next, giant 3D microwaves popped up on full motion digital sites and transfixed viewers all over the UK


The highly disruptive campaign was also accompanied by the satisfying sounds of the cooking popcorn inside the bag. 

In the build up to the Lionesses incredible win over Germany in the Euros 2022, we encouraged everyone to #gograbthebutterkist and keep their fingers crossed for the final...

We also inserted ourselves into coverage of Love Island’s #CasaAmor, which kept the nation glued to their TVs every night, by transforming Butterkist’s logo into a broken heart.

#CasaAmor - in-situ[11].jpg

The stunt ran across the Metro and social media, earning over 2 million unique impressions on Twitter and 28,000 engagements.

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