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Inspired by the Wild

We worked with Diageo to re-launch Chase with their biggest advertising campaign since acquisition. 

We tapped into the insight that everyday life in the city can become routine and predictable, causing us to yearn for experiences that are rawer and less manufactured in nature. 

Chase is able to satisfy this need by giving us a taste of luxury grounded by the wildness of the countryside. 

_DSF6963_V4VodkaLayered (1).jpg

The campaign depicted the untamed outdoors encroaching in to dramatise the exciting nature of Chase's flavour range, inspired by the wildness of its Herefordshire countryside roots.

It was launched with a hero 30-second film asset to run on TV, VOD and in cinema.

The campaign was supported by social first recipe assets created on a small-scale fast paced shoot. Each asset focused on highlighting the deliciousness of the drink whilst set against a countryside backdrop.

The full campaign ran on TV, VOD, Cinema, Social and in-store with future activations planned. 

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