Working with KP snack’s heritage brand Space Raiders we have bought to life the well-known Space Raiders alien using AR technology. We created our own filter, rendering the alien brand character, using voice effects and a cute branded beanie.

We then invaded TikTok and Instagram to be able to target a new younger audience whilst engaging with our existing audience.  Our TikTok and Instagram pages are called  the  ‘Space Raider’s Station’ and are filled with content that talks about conspiracy theories and even confirm/denies some trending conspiracies by pairing with trending conspiracy content.

Katie Hill - Assistant Brand Manager, KP Snacks said, “We love the use of new technologies to bring different audiences to the Space Raiders brand. For a long time, these have been a popular heritage brand and this is a really fun way to share the iconic alien with a whole new group.”

This includes the sweet and salty range, as well as new product Orange Chocolate Toffee popcorn.

Don't be afraid – to try out the space raiders alien filter yourself here: