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Daily Mail

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The Daily Mail is Britain’s largest-selling, most influential newspaper. 

What many people don’t know is The Mail has a long tradition of mobilising neighbourhoods and communities behind campaigns that better the nation. 

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And in 2020, only the nation’s most powerful voice could inspire its readers to take the kind of action this unprecedented event required. 

With a through-the-line campaign, we galvanised the nation to step up for those in need.

Anyone who was anyone got involved, from David Beckham to Ian McKellen, Emma Thompson to Naomi Campbell, Cliff Richard to Joan Collins.

Our work for MailForce Computers For Kids helped inspire a nation, with celebrities, Sainsbury’s, 10 Downing Street and British Airways increasing our reach by 13 million alone. £13 million were donated in 2021 and those who saw they campaign said they were 32% more likely to buy the paper. 

We are currently working on a new Agenda Setting Idea for the The Daily Mail brand that will launch in 2022. 

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