Now Britain's best-selling paper, The Mail is one of the most potent and talked-about news brands in the country. From fearless journalism and holding the powerful to account, to nationwide campaigning for cleaner beaches and adequate PPE for our NHS, The Mail stands for, and with, its readers.
Recovery from lockdown hasn’t been as quick as The Mail hoped. In order to encourage people to buy the daily paper we launched a 3-week promotional campaign, bringing to life the unicorn in their logo. This created the fun game ‘Find the Golden Unicorn’ which turned into a cash prize, promotional advert on TV, Social, Print and Instore that shows the Unicorn in various famous locations. In order to have a chance at winning the cash prize consumers have to buy the daily newspaper everyday to find the clues. The Mail even turned the Unicorn in the logo gold whilst the promotion was running. 


We worked with MailForce to encourage donations to its Computers for Kids campaign, helping to get laptops and connectivity to the kids who needed it most during lockdown. A host of famous faces came together to support the fantastic initiative, which went live on TV, Digital and VOD.

When the scale of the COVID crisis hit, and with our NHS heroes working all hours of the day without the PPE they needed, The Mail knew they needed to do something. They set up Mail Force, a charity that to date, together with Mail readers, has donated over £10m of PPE to the NHS frontline. Our first ad highlights the vital work The Mail is doing

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