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In Britain, 3 million people are affected by malnutrition due to unhealthy diets. So for our latest campaign, we partnered with Bompas & Parr to create posters printed using ink made from fruit waste - containing more nutritional value than some of the most popular unhealthy foods we eat.

These were contextually placed right where people had the chance to purchase these unhealthy foods, reminding them to think a little harder about their eating habits.

We achieved 323 media pick ups, with an earned media value of $1.3M, and increased consideration by those that saw the campaign by 10.6% (ages 25-54).

Our previous campaign, "Unstuffed bears" raised awareness of hunger among children at Christmas.

Dole Sunshine Company is the world leader in growing, sourcing, distributing, and marketing fruit and healthy snacks.

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For 120 years, Dole’s mission has been to deliver high-quality fresh and packaged fruit with positive impact on people, planet and prosperity - believing that good nutrition should be like sunshine — available for all.

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That’s why when 1 in 5 children worldwide were about to go hungry during Christmas, Dole Sunshine Company asked St Luke’s to help them draw attention to this issue.


Our insight was the truth that the festive period is the most child-centric time of year, a time typically characterised by the indulgence of presents and food. Yet for many children this year, sadly this would not be the case.

Unstuffed Laptop insitu (1).jpg

To bring this to life, we created ‘Unstuffed Bears’, a story revolving around 5 teddy bears, with 1 of them ‘unstuffed’ to highlight the number of children who would likely go hungry at Christmas.

We delivered this message across film, website and AR filter.

The campaign reached 65 million people globally in just a few weeks.

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