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Life at St Luke's

Make yourself more interesting

Each staff member gets £200 a year to spend on training for anything they fancy. Our people have got incredible side hustles - from helicopter pilots, yoga teachers and pottery artists, we’ve got a bit of everything.
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New joiners

Each new joiner is given £100 to spend on something for the agency - whether that's a ping-pong table or a new bat for the softball team.
We find it breaks the ice.
And keeps the agency stocked with new toys.

Profit share

When we hit our targets, we share the profit in bonuses across the whole agency.
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Childcare policy

We believe it's important that St Luker's can have a career and a family. But, with rising childcare costs, there's more pressure than ever on new parents. So, we introduced our childcare policy, which pays mums or dads up to £500 a month until their little one turns three. We also introduced a "Bath time" policy, which allows parents to stop work an hour early to do school runs, bath-time or dinner duties.
Find out more about our policy below:

Work / life balance

A healthy work/life balance is of chief importance to St Luker's.
This is why the office is locked up at 9pm everyday, and closed on weekends.
Our new joiners also have the opportunity of getting themselves a new bike.
Paulina Cycle Edited.jpg

Clever Breakfasts

Every month we have an external speaker come in and educate the agency on anything from being a man in today’s society, to overseeing turf boundaries amongst graffiti artists. On the topic of breakfasts, your most important meal of the day is free, every day of the week.

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