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There's an Ocado just for you

Ocado Retail is a joint venture between M&S and Ocado. It’s the UK’s leading pure play online supermarket.


Ocado saw an increase in brand value of 72% within 12 months of launch, which made it the fastest growing brand in the UK (Kantar – Sept 2021).

During the first three years of the campaign active customers increased by 40%. 

But in 2021 the Ocado product was misunderstood. People thought that it was just a delivery service for Waitrose. 

Ocado Tractor.jpg

Our job was to explain that Ocado was a fully-fledged supermarket with the biggest range in the market.

Now our job is to help customers understand the revolutionary role that Ocado can play in our lives. 

Through incredible service, unbeatable range, and seamless experience - Ocado can answer your every grocery need. 


The ‘There’s an Ocado just for you’ launch campaign ran across every channel including Ocado’s own social channels, in press, on radio and OOH.

We even featured Ocado’s own customers in these customer testimonials - all animated in house too!

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