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Old Mout Cider

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The Kiwi Taste for Adventure

Old Mout is the fastest growing premium flavoured cider in the UK.

We worked with Heineken on the original positioning of Old Mout in 2014 and have been the brand's agency ever since.


Originating from New Zealand, the home of natural adventure, our quirky Kiwi has been inspiring people since launch to get outside their comfort zone, helping to differentiate from its Scandi competitors.

But the world is changing fast, consumers want more from brands and living sustainably has never been more important.


They want to make a positive difference to the environments, they and future generations will play in but they don’t know where to begin.


We started by inspiring people to help get the Kiwi off the endangered list and now, through a partnership with WWF, we’re helping protect habitats across the globe.


We’re also helping to launch new flavours which are all natural, vegan friendly and 100% recyclable.


With each tasty sip, we’re inspiring positive change to help return nature to its inspiring best whilst having fun along the way.


The brand was built using OOH, digital, social and experiential. TV was added to the mix after 5 years to turbo-charge penetration.

By setting the agenda around sustainability, Old Mout is now the no. 2 premium flavoured cider in the market.

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