A Clucking Big Fundraiser

It was an evening of ‘Winner Winner Chicken Dinner’ last night at St Luke’s, as we held our first ever Pollada to raise money for partner charity Cool Earth!

For those not familiar with the term (we weren’t either), a Pollada is a Peruvian money-raising tradition: someone gets in a load of beer, rustles up some chicken, and asks the guests to donate upon arrival. However, in standard St Luke’s fashion, we decided to spice things up a bit.

Drawing on the various talents of the agency, 20 prizes were put up for auction: from yoga classes to ceramic vases, all sorts was up for grabs, including half a day’s leave.

Recently crowned ‘Most Interesting Person’ of the agency, helicopter pilot Captain Polina Harkin donated a 1h trip in her chopper – a lot that stormed into triple figures. Meanwhile, a bidding war erupted over who would control the agency Spotify for the next week, eventually won by Apostle director and Hard Metal enthusiast Sye Allen. Who knows what we’ve let ourselves in for with that one.

All in all, we raised over £1000 for Cool Earth (you can read more about what they do here), saving 16 acres of rainforest in the process. It seems Polladas might yet become a St Luke’s staple!

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