A Very Special Christmas

Following the recent work to reposition the Very brand, which launched the new line “Get more out of every day” and the pink cube as a branded device, the brief for our Christmas campaign, was at its simplest “make the cube famous” and communicate that Very has such a wide range of products and a simple delivery offering, that it’s as if the right gift finds you.

So we set about a whole load of cube-based creative development. The route we decided on was to bring these pink cubes to life, personifying them as little characters of their own, and show their plight to bring Christmas joy to people, all the way from deepest, snowiest Lapland.

The journey they face is a difficult one, as our hero cubes are born out of a giant glowing mother cube (in the presence of a reindeer) we then see them jump on to moving trains, getting stuck in blizzards and jumping down chimneys to bring their Christmas joy to the recipients they have been aiming for all along.

The production was a combination of a 4 day live action shoot at the Warner Brothers studios in North London, (where they shot Harry Potter) and complex animation and CGI handled by MPC. During the shoot we had a couple of real reindeer, a toy train set, hundreds of bags of fake snow, enough huge trees to create a forest, a group of carol singers, and lots of pink boxes on sticks.

You can take a look at our ‘Making of’ film here to get a bit more insight into how the ad was created.

Bringing inanimate cubes to life is something that none of us either here at the agency, or at MPC had really done before, so the process has been a learning curve for us all. Seeing the progress from basic flat animation to realistic 3D has been amazing, and after many hours of graft and review we, and the client, are delighted with the final result.

The cubes do a great job of personifying the Very brand, and bringing to life the feeling of joy when you’re united with the perfect gift.

The TV campaign launches in Gogglebox (C4) at 9.30pm on 6th November with the 60” ad, and is part of an integrated £9.7 million campaign including a 30” cutdown, brand and promotional press and OOH, VOD, bumpers, digital takeover, behind the scenes and social content.

Take a look, and let us know what you think @stlukescomms.


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