Are Veg Chips the final straw for Margaret and Mabel?

When Aunt Bessie’s approached us with the brief for launching their new range of Vegetable Chips, we rubbed our hands in glee. A modern twist on the traditional chip, low carb, one of your 5 a day, super tasty… this is the kind of product that should fly off the shelves as soon as it is advertised. But even better, the client was asking for some work with a bit of flair, humour and standout. So we set to work…

When your brand ambassadors are outspoken traditionalist grannies, who have gone from snooping on the neighbours to filling the “I’m a Celeb” jungle with innuendo, we knew there was license here to do something fun with them. Margaret and Mabel are the bastions of tradition; they could lose totally lose their marbles at such a modern, innovative new product as a chip made from parsnips, carrots and sweet potato.

And that they did! The 30” TV shows what seems like they’re innocently filming the new ad for these Veg Chips, but all is not well for long. Mabel on the other hand is being tempted in, to the annoyance of her friend. The rest of the story is played out across our social content, where we see the women defacing posters, being a hindrance to production staff, and having such a tantrum that we had to use subtitles and pixelation…

You can check out all the films below, and keep your eyes on @auntbessies on Twitter and Facebook as the content rolls out over the next couple of weeks.

Have we seen the back of Margaret and Mabel?

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