Bring out the Bessie in you – Aunt Bessie’s 2018 Refresh

We all love a Yorkshire pudding – it’s the crowning glory of any roast dinner.  In 2018 we set about modernising Aunt Bessie’s, a frozen food brand, who have been part of the fabric of society for generations.  Our aim was to drive a more emotional appeal for the brand.

We needed an idea that was routed in an insight that stretched across age and demographic barriers, something that was rooted in our daily lives we could all relate to.

We lead busy lives, and too often – despite our best intentions – times gets the better of us and we end up with mealtime being about fuel rather than proper food. It doesn’t have to be this way! Aunt Bessie’s helps you easily and quickly prepare and enjoy proper, balanced, interesting meals.

This new positioning shift saw the two protagonists Margaret and Mabel replaced with a more emotional call to arms with ‘Bring out the Bessie in You’

The decision to move away from Margaret and Mabel was not taken lightly with numerous rounds of neurological research testing multiple creative routes. In the end, although Margaret and Mabel had the awareness their emotional appeal was low, our new campaign aimed to drive appeal and warm-heartedness towards the brand inspiring the nation to have every day victories by doing things properly at mealtimes.

Bring out the Bessie in you launched with a TV spot at the end of October. We see ‘George’ a father desperately trying to get home and cook for his family at all costs. A tricycle, bike and horse later a triumphant George cooks a roast for his astonished children and proudly displays a flag reading ‘Bring out the Bessie in you’

We haven’t stopped with a TV ad, with social content being a big part of our campaign too. Built entirely in-house we are continuing to drive awareness of our ‘Bring out the Bessie in you’ message across multiple social platforms

Q4 is the most important quarter for Aunt Bessie’s and results will be with us soon, but early indications show 5* reviews in David Reviews and a positive response on social. A big man on a small bike, a galloping stallion and perfectly risen yorkshires…what’s not to like?

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