Building a Mobile-First Business

We like to think that we’re a pretty smart bunch at St Luke’s, but we’re happy to admit there’s always room for improvement. To help out, every few weeks we welcome a guest to inspire and inform us on topics that (most of us) know very little about. These ‘Make Yourself More Intelligent‘ sessions are a pretty inspiring way to kick-off a Thursday morning, and we’ve had topics ranging from the code of conduct between graffiti artists, to the growing influence and drastically changed worldview of Generation Edge (those young’uns born since 1995).

This week, we were lucky enough to welcome Tom Beverley – founder of Fy, a mobile app for browsing and buying jewellery, stationary and beauty products. Tom spoke to us about what’s required to build a mobile-first business, as well his journey from working at (who increased monthly revenues from €100k to €4m in 6 months while he was leading their marketing team), to setting up Fy.

Tom introduced us to the differences between mobile and desktop shopper behaviour – while we’re happy to ‘hunt’ for products on our laptops, when we’re looking on our phones we’d much rather ‘browse’. Because of this, apps which promote scrolling through constantly refreshed feeds (e.g. Twitter and Instagram) have emerged as the most popular way for consumers to engage with content when mobile. The key for a successful mobile-first retail business, as exemplified by Fy, is to mimic this behaviour.

With Fy, the products become equivalent to content – from the way that they are merchandised, to the regularly updated stock and introduction of new, largely unknown brands. Rather than simply aggregating products like many retail apps, the appeal of Fy is rooted in its carefully curated and presented items, which are accessibly priced to encourage spontaneous one-touch buying.

It was great to welcome Tom to St Luke’s, and many thanks to him for taking the time to visit. As ever, an informative and inspiring way to kick-start a Thursday morning!


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