Clever Breakfasts: A Touching Presentation from Ivana Bobic

St Luke’s welcomed director Ivana Bobic to this week’s Clever Breakfasts.

Ivana is a familiar face at the agency, having directed our fantastic 2016 piece for V by Very’s AW16 collection (which you can see here). She described her own work as having ‘sprawling scope’, and with a range covering fashion shoots to record-making charity campaigns, we think she’s right!

Ivana began her talk by showing us one of her favourite projects, her music video for Sigrid’s song ‘Strangers’. Named 2nd Best Music Video of 2017 by PITCH, and having racked up 11.5 million views on YouTube, this project was a massive success as well as a huge amount of fun.

A minimal budget and limited shoot time (1 day) required meticulous planning – steadicam routes drawn over sketches of the set was just a part of it – but much of it went out of the window in the presence of Sigrid’s energetic performance. Ivana described how liberating it was to have an artist able and willing to perform and be themselves in front of the camera, and how much of a difference it made to the finished product.

Ivana recently made UK TV history with her video for the breast cancer awareness charity CoppaFeel!. Her video ‘Trust Your Touch’ became the first film to show a female nipple on UK daytime TV. Whilst not the intention of the video (they had made it initially just for cinema) this fact brought with it massive PR attention, even eclipsing a Trump news story as the most read piece on the BBC.

The CoppaFeel! piece was tonally quite difficult to pin down as it needed to reach such a vast audience. Ivana needed to ensure that there was a connection and appeal to younger females as well as older ones, and have some relatability to men who are also affected by breast cancer.

From an initial creative idea and some visual inspiration from Godfrey Reggio’s ‘The Vistiors’, Ivana put together rough cuts using stock footage and employing herself as the VO artist. Even from the first rough rough edits the strong creative idea shone through, and it was amazing to see the development through to finished product.

A massive thank you to Ivana for coming in and showing us her fabulous work – we hope we work with you again soon!

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