Clever Breakfasts: Inside Image Imagination with Germaine Walker

Clever Breakfasts kicked off its 2018 series this week with a visit from photographic agency Germaine Walker.

Photographer Emli Bendixen and photographer/director David Wren visited St Luke’s to talk about their work: their influences, inspirations, and the different problems they overcome on every shoot.

Emli showed us Modern Families – an ongoing personal project that she’s been working on for half a decade. The project was born from a curiosity about family life, and a desire to represent the diverse nature of modern family constructs. The honesty of the shots (from less-than-perfect lighting to unwilling child subjects) captured the lives of the families in an amazingly genuine way, and included some beautiful shots of Emli’s own child!

David presented four of his projects – both personal and commercial – and explained how his background in extreme sports and outdoor pursuits had influenced them. He also talked about the difficulties of shooting video and stills on the same shoot (often with the same camera) which if nothing else gave us sympathy for the cameramen on our shoots!

Both artists highlighted the importance of lighting and feel in their work, and alluded to the elusive middle ground between ‘professionally lit shoot’ and ‘UGC’ that they seek. Quite often it’s the imperfections in a particular frame that give it its most distinctive qualities, and it can be difficult to create and capture these in sterile or forced environments.

We definitely learned a lot about the people and process behind the camera from the first Clever Breakfast of 2018, and have to give a huge thank you to GW for coming to see us. If you want to see more of their fantastic work click here:

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