Cloudy Cider Comes Alive

The cider revolution shows no sign of abating, and the success of Strongbow Dark Fruit and Citrus Edge have led the way in recent years. However, throughout this boom traditional cloudy cider has remained dormant. Not for much longer…

Strongbow Cloudy Apple, Heineken’s biggest new product launch of the year, is reinvigorating the category with a sparkling, fresh take on traditional apple cider. The UK’s number one cider brand is looking to bring energy and personality to the market with this new premium offering. Here at St Luke’s we’ve been working hard on the launch campaign over the last few months.

Our 48 sheet and six sheet ads have already started popping up all over the country this week, showing Strongbow’s famous archer infusing Cloudy Apple with a bolt of sparkling refreshment. And there’s plenty more to come! Over the next few months, the campaign will include bus wraps, station takeovers and a rather lovely animated TV advert. Keep your eyes peeled…


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