Connect With Nature

🐝 Nature is this year’s theme for Mental Health Awareness Week, so we asked St Lukers for their favourite outdoor activities to lift their mood; here’s what they’ve shared:

“I love to paint out in the sun, when it’s not too windy and my paper goes everywhere! Channelling my energy into paint and paper helps me to recentre and feel more grounded”

Maisie La Costa - Account Manager

“For me it’s all about getting outside for a long walk and chat with someone. The more remote the walk the better to feel like you’ve escaped from it all. I’ve recently discovered the ViewRanger app which is really good at helping you plot hiking routes so you don’t get lost!”

Lara Poole - Head of Account Management

“For me, there’s nothing more mentally freeing than being out on a lake or river in a kayak. Being able to discover little places that can’t be reached by car, stopping off for a buttie on a little uninhabited island it’s great being so far removed from “normality”.

The picture on the left is from a trip to Norway where we kayaked around the fjords and hiked up mountains that could only be reached by water. Particularly loved being able to refill our water bottles from fresh streams and eating wild berries whilst exploring. Will stop now before I turn into Ben Fogle!”

Jo Boyle - Creative

“Open air swimming. Nothing like it, especially on a good day. You don’t have to be a masochist about it. Choose a nice open air pool, or put on a wetsuit if you don’t like getting cold. And because you can’t wear headphones, you’re completely alone with your thoughts.”

Ed Palmer - Managing Director

“I love taking my dog for a walk, finding green spaces in London to explore, and spending time by the river… preferably in the sun when that’s an option.”

Virginia Henry – Chief Financial Officer

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