Creativity is now open

For this week’s St Luke’s Likes we are celebrating the creative industry opening up as lockdown eases. Here's a handful of the exhibitions, shows & films that we are looking forward to see now that their doors are finally open!

Van Gogh: The Immersive Experience

‘Off to get lost in a Starry Night’

Joel Campbell – Production Assistant

The Art of Banksy

‘Is just what it says on the tin but still very excited for that!’

Nathan Salf- Junior Creative


‘I’m looking forward to going to the cinema, the hushed silence, the smell of popcorn…and Disney’s Cruella; that was partially filmed just outside our old offices in Euston!’

Claire Wombwell – Creative

House of Dreams Museum by Stephen Wright

‘Looks Pretty Wild!’

Ed Palmer – Managing Director

Everyone’s Talking About Jamie

‘I’m going to see Everyone’s Talking About Jamie at the Apollo Theatre next Friday – Buzzing!’

Georgie Moran – Project Manager & Visual Stylist

Sneakers Unboxed at the Design Museum

‘A few of my friends worked on the exhibition.’

Nathan Salf - Junior Creative

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