Ever So Slightly Life Changing

We are very pleased to announce that Lakeland, the homeware company, has appointed us to their advertising account!

Work has kicked off immediately in creating an ATL campaign for 2016 across multiple media platforms. Lakeland seeks to convey the breadth of their offering and share the excitement of their range. You may have seen our first press ad in last week’s Great British Bake Off edition of the Radio Times.

Lakeland launched over 50 years ago and has curated an unrivaled collection of kitchenware, from every day utensils to never-seen-before cookware, plus practical ideas for the home. Based in Windemere, Lakeland has 69 stores nationwide – from Aberdeen to Truro – plus a key online presence.

Developing the Agenda Setting Idea for Lakeland was more ‘hands on’ than we’ve seen in recent years – while we got to grips with their amazing and unique products, we all fell for the brand and going into their stores is a pleasure. In our excitement to share the joy, we realised other people felt the same and we developed the Agenda Setting Idea: ‘Ever So Slightly Life Changing’.

We look forward to seeing our lives changing, ever so slightly, for the better with St. Luke’s & Lakeland

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