Free music, thanks to the amazing response to our ‘Step into Christmas’ ad for Very!

First thing to say is thank you! We have been blown away by the response to our Christmas ad for Very, which has seen their social channels buzzing with positive feedback on the style and story of the ad. However, by far the most commented about feature of the ad is the music.

Music is an integral part of every Very TV ad we have made in the past couple of years, and this year Christmas campaign has been no exception. We have been inundated with comments on YouTube and Twitter asking who the track is by and where people can get their hands on it.The track was composed especially for this ad, by an artist who goes under the name of Beuys Toys and the track is called Thimbles.

The great news is you can now own this track for yourself for FREE as it is available to download off the Very blog site and check out the ad again here.

Tell your friends, share the love! Merry (early) Christmas from the Very team!




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