Greg Barth makes us more interesting!

Every few weeks St Luke’s welcomes a guest, to inspire us with their work and wisdom. These ‘Make Yourself More Interesting’ sessions help broaden our creative horizons, showcasing innovative approaches to everything from CGI and SEO, to consumer research.

This week, we had the pleasure of a visit from production company Blinkink, and a talk from acclaimed director Greg Barth. With an affinity for surrealism and minimalism, his background in design is reflected in the bold visuals that define much of his work.


Greg won the Young Director Award at the 2014 Cannes Film Festival for ‘Fortunes‘, an experimental comedy based on his experiences of the monotony of repetitive, domestic rituals (made with a budget of only £100!). His work has seen him experiment with an incredible range of visual effects: from melting a white-chocolate, Ancient Greek-style bust; to 3D-printed visualisations of drum beats and warping speakers.

Greg’s most well-known work was his 2013 film Child of the 90’s, which became a massive viral hit for Microsoft. Alongside this, one of Greg’s most innovative pieces of work is ‘Trajectories 2’, which Laura & Claire (our new creative team) have written about with much greater insight than I ever could.

Many thanks to Greg for visiting St Luke’s – seeing his work and learning about his creative process was the perfect way to galvanise a Tuesday morning.


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