Healthy Wealthy Wise

With 1 in 6 people experiencing mental health problems in the workplace, here at St Lukes we want to ensure we are providing a supportive environment for each other, something we acknowledged throughout Mental Health Awareness Week.

This year, and in line with their theme of nature, we all did our part to get outdoors and experience the benefits it offers, especially after a year of being restricted from going out. We came up with a number of ways to do so; recommending ways in which we can enjoy the outdoors, including open air swimming, kayaking or painting in the garden. Check them here.

We organised a Tuesday morning workout for the whole agency either in person near our office or at home to get the endorphins flowing!

We sent every employee at the agency a ‘bee bomb’, to help restore the bee population and grow our own flower garden.

We spelt out the words ‘Healthy Wealthy Wise’ on Strava by assigning everyone a letter and asking them to get outside during lunch and walk in the shape of it for some fresh air.

Finally, we concluded Mental Health Awareness Week with a 3pm finish with the aim of everyone bring able to get outside and dedicate some time to themselves.

By encouraging movement, fresh air and well-deserved free time we hope to remind each other about the importance of our mental health and how we should dedicate time to clear our heads as often as we can.

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