LASL Softball: St. Luke’s gets Bashed!

After a rough 1-run loss to We Are Roast the week prior, it’s fair to say the St Luke’s softball team – The Saintly Swingers – were a little dejected. But bolstered by the glorious weather, a strong team trotted over to Regents Park to face the next opponents: Bandstand’s ‘Bashers’. The Bashers were a friendly bunch, but captained by league stalwart John (rumoured to be a former all-county slow-pitch pitcher) and garbed in all-black uniforms, their jovial nature was not to be mistaken for kindness on-pitch.

The Swingers lost the toss, and were nominated to bat first. Here, lead by John, the Bashers proceeded to firmly bash the Swingers, keeping them to a measly 1 run in the first innings.

Not the greatest of starts.

But from hereon in, the Swingers got it together. Star Intern, Ross of the Golden Locks, pulled out catches galore and some big hits, speeding round the bases. After some weekend practice with the kids in the yard, Greg reprised his role as pitcher, and dispatched some Bashers in style. Meanwhile, Jade recovered from her initial and unusual loss of the toss, but decided the best course of action was to flirt with the opposing team’s pitcher. Needless to say, she got out a lot.

Though the final score might not reflect it, the game was a tight affair throughout. But with the fading light, and hindered by a consistent performance by big John, the Swingers’ metaphorical aphrodisiac began to wear off, and the Bashers moved out to take a 6-run win, 23-17.

Truthfully, it was a lovely game. We played well, we laughed, we loved, we chucked some balls about. In charming lighting our dashing red shirts looked better and pinker than ever. A memorable evening indeed.

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