Launch of a New Drama by St. Luke’s

This February, our campaign for reusable sanitary protection pioneer Mooncup ‘A Period Drama’ has gone live.  Our creative team, Laura Stevens and Claire Wombwell came up with the wonderful, witty idea that shines a light on the drama of disposable sanitary products, inviting us to leave the past behind and choose another way.

Mooncup Campaigns and Marketing Manager Kath Clements explains: “Since we started in 2002 we’ve been chipping away at the shame associated with periods and the fact that most of us reach out on ‘autopilot’ for disposables every month, without knowing there’s a better option. From the mischief of our ‘Love your vagina’ campaign in 2010 to the Tampon vs Mooncup rap battle, we believe that Mooncup has played its part in changing the conversation around periods. But this time we thought we’d try a different tack – a more ‘throwaway’ laugh to call attention to a seriously liberating possibility”.

The content is launching on Youtube, with teasers and GIFs on Instagram and Facebook across the UK, France, Germany, Spain and Italy. With a shiny new website and online film, Mooncup wants to inspire even more people worldwide to opt for the safer, greener, cheaper alternative to monthly disposables.

Mooncup founder Su Hardy says: “From day one we’ve had one aim:  to make the experience of periods more positive, healthy and eco-friendly.  But even as we become more conscientious in many of our choices, typically, we tend to continue using the disposables we were introduced to as teenagers which are now clogging up landfills and polluting beaches, not to mention absorbing more than we need them to and leaving toxins behind. Mooncup’sAgenda Setting Idea & brand positioning, led St Luke’s Planning Director Rose Van Orden, asks people to wake up and make conscious choices about how they experience their periods. It is an articulation of Mooncup as her solo period companion: ‘Own Your Period’.

Mooncup blog 2

70% of us say we’re actively trying to reduce the amount of household waste we are responsible for, yet an individual is likely to use 11,000 throwaway sanitary products in a lifetime. Despite our efforts to make positive lifestyle changes, only 1 in 10 of us have made the switch from disposable to reusable san pro products. It seems we can all too easily overlook the fact that we have a choice when it comes to sanitary products.

The film was directed by Sye Allen through our own Apostle, shooting in Sussex and enduring typical UK weather of pouring rain August, with a drone and a real horse! The film launches on 7th February 2017 and we’re immensely proud of it.

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