Mooncup launches on VOD for the first time!

This Summer, Mooncup Ltd are launching their campaign ‘A Period Drama’ on VOD for the first time. The decision to broadcast on VOD (Video On Demand) demonstrates a growing appetite among consumers for alternatives to conventional disposable sanitary products. Mooncup®, the tried and tested menstrual cup is fast becoming the popular choice for those looking for a healthy, eco-friendly way to manage their period.

After launching ‘A Period Drama’ online across 5 x European markets, St Luke’s have worked with Mooncup to create the 30” version of the online content film that launched in February of this year. The 30” will run on VOD through to August. Hitting screens in June, the advert shines a light on the drama of disposable sanitary products, inviting viewers to leave the past behind and choose another way. It’s a big move for the small ethical business, punching well  above their weight in the competitive feminine hygiene industry. With their business model centred on selling a one-off purchase, they do not have the multi-billion pound marketing spend of the disposable sanitary product giants.

As a pioneer in their field, Mooncup Ltd created the first reusable silicone menstrual cup, launched in 2002. It’s the safe, convenient, and sustainable alternative to tampons and pads – now stocked in leading retailers and available in 50 countries worldwide. Mooncup Campaigns and Marketing Manager Kath Clements explains:  “Since we started in 2002 we’ve been chipping away at the shame associated with periods and the fact that most of us reach out on ‘autopilot’ for disposables every month, without knowing there’s a better option. From the mischief of our ‘Love Your Vagina’ campaign in 2010 to the Tampon vs Mooncup rap battle, we believe that Mooncup has played its part in changing the conversation around periods.”

St Luke’s have worked with Mooncup for 7 years and this is a seminal moment where a niche brand is seeing wider acceptance

The film was directed by Sye Allen through Apostle, launched on VOD on 19th June 2017 and leads viewers to the new-look Mooncup website, where they can discover more about what makes the Mooncup so unique.

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