More New Faces!

Over the last few months we’ve welcomed 3 lovely, new St Lukers to the fold: Georgie (Project Manager), Maeve (Account Executive) and Rebecca (TV Producer). As ever, we’ve decided to get to know them a bit better with some scrutinising questions and the traditional group photo!

Where have you joined us from?

Maeve: BBH London

Rebecca: I was at AMV previously

Georgie: Creative Producer at Grey London

What work has got your attention at the moment?

Maeve: I always love the Honda work.

Rebecca: I think the recent Kronenbourg campaign with Cantona swimming the channel is a pretty smart idea, and the ad at the end of it by Ivan Zacharias is very funny. Obviously Cantona’s great in it but all the other casting and small moments are what made me chuckle.


Tell us something amusing about yourself (nothing work related please!)

Maeve: Not much aside from that I’m a twin; people always ask similar questions the only slightly stupid one is ‘when is her birthday?’

Rebecca: David Beckham once asked me to turn off a Spice Girls track in a gay bar in Manchester.


Georgie: I had my first advertising debut at the age of 3 when my dad included me in a short story called “The Glass Palace & The Little Princess” for a print ad he ran for his conservatory & double glazing company – tres 80’s! (see image above)


From left to right: Maeve, Rebecca, Georgie

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