New Faces at St Luke’s!

It has been a busy couple of months at St Luke’s. We’ve welcomed five new, lovely people into the fold over the past few weeks: 2 planners (Hannah and Rachel), a creative team (Laura and Claire) and a new intern (Mary).

While they’re settling in at their new desks, we thought we’d probe a bit and get the obligatory group photo!

Where have you joined us from?

Claire and Laura: Grey Possible.

Mary: Temporarily working at KitCattNohr.

Hannah: RKCR/Y&R as a planner working on Danone and Land Rover.

Rachel: Elvis.

What creative work has got your attention at the moment?

Laura: Three’s #HolidaySpam campaign.

Mary: Carlsberg spoof of the ‘beach body ad’. I thought it was well executed- even made me smile.

Claire: Creative pre rolls from GEICO.

Hannah: Uber Rush, where they’re planning on getting drivers to multitask their regular taxi service with same-day goods deliveries at no extra charge. Will be interesting to see if and how it works but it’s a genius idea to grow their service and undercut competitors.

Rachel: I’m loving the ‘this girl can’ campaign for Sport England- they hit exactly the right tone, inclusive and inspiring, makes me want to get my running shoes on!

Tell us something amusing about yourself (nothing work related please!)

Laura: I once sang for the Queen in a choir when I was 10.

Claire: I’m a descendant from a Victorian circus family.

Mary: I like trying to fit into small spaces. Personal best is a washing machine, the kind you find in launderette.

Hannah: I wish I was more gangsta. I used to have a bad habit of shaving a slit in my eyebrow when I got drunk and can rap all the words to Jay Z and Lil Wayne – A Billi.

Rachel: I like hula hooping… will that do?

Screen Shot 2015-05-11 at 09.46.25

From left to right: Laura, Mary, Hannah, Claire & Rachel

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