Old Mout Cider partner with WWF in their first ever TV campaign!

Back in March 2014, the New Zealand brand Old Mout Cider hit the bars and fridges of the UK’s pubs, bars and supermarkets. As a quirky, kiwi equivalent to the Scandi cool ciders dominating the market, Old Mout has seen incredible growth over the last 5 years. In that time, the marketing has consisted mostly of playful social campaigns, amazing festival activations, and a number of charitable ventures to help save the kiwi bird – the brand’s adorable icon.

This year, Old Mout have stepped it up a notch in terms of media scale and giving back to the environment as part of their ambition to lead the way as the most sustainable cider on the market, with their first ever TV campaign celebrating their new partnership with WWF. We’re the first generation to know we are destroying the planet and could be the last that can do anything about it, so Old Mout have joined WWF in the fight to make a difference. The 2019 initiative aims to protect 500,000 acres of habitat around the world and is the brand’s most ambitious sustainability goal to date.

Our task was to create a platform that connected our kiwi to the WWF panda and all those other creatures on the planet that are also facing threat. We needed to develop an idea that was clearly branded but instantly understandable in how it communicates the bigger environmental issue at play. We called this idea ‘Ki-we are all connected’, represented by the icon of our kiwi and his fellow animal friends around the world. This summer, consumers will see this platform brought to life, not only in the ATL advertising, but also in all PR, trade, and festival creative.

The task of the TV ad was to make people aware of Old Mout’s environmentally friendly proof points – a vegan friendly cider made with only natural flavours and 100% recyclable packaging – while also announcing the WWF partnership.

Our challenge was to deliver this message in the most engaging way possible, whilst staying true to the animated Old Mout brand world. A far cry from the live-action, heart-breaking footage of endangered animals that WWF is known for, we wanted to do something completely different with Old Mout that was quirky and upbeat, but nevertheless driving an emotional response from viewers.

After many rounds of creative exploration and development in a truly collaborative partnership with the brand team, we finally landed on an edit which absolutely smashed pre-production testing. There is no doubt that the target market has an incredible response to our lovely little kiwi character and his adventures around our animated world. With a kiwi-style spring in our step, we went into animation, all created in-house via our production company Apostle.

Check out our final ad here:

Accompanying the 30” TV spot are 4 x YouTube films and some Instagram posts and stories coming later in the summer.

Look out for the campaign this summer, check out the WWF partnership here, and make sure you try an Old Mout cider with your picnic in the park this summer!

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