Old Mout Launches The Kiwi Wild Show

New Zealand’s national bird and treasured emblem, the kiwi, is under threat with its population declining by 99% over the past 80 years. There is the very real threat that the kiwi could shortly become extinct and the responsibility to save the kiwi bird therefore rests on today’s generation’s shoulders.

To raise awareness of the kiwi’s plight, native New Zealand cider Old Mout, has reunited conservation champions and presenters of BBC’s cult television programme The Really Wild Show, Chris Packham and Michaela Strachan, to launch a one-off, kiwi-dedicated programme, entitled The Kiwi Wild Show.

The wildlife adventure programme, which we filmed in New Zealand and London, aims to encourage today’s generation to help save the endangered creature before it’s too late.

As part of a kiwi-saving mission, St. Luke’s set off with Michaela down-under to trek through the wilderness to meet a committed team of scientists, conservationists and rangers from Kiwis for kiwi, a charity in New Zealand that creates safe habitats for the birds to grow and thrive. Its vital work helps to improve the odds of the bird surviving in the wild, which currently stand at just one in 20.

We created the segments of the Kiwi Wild Show that feature Michaela as she follows ‘Operation Nest Egg’ – an egg rescue mission to deliver eggs to an incubation centre, where the eggs are protected until they hatch. The baby kiwi birds are then released into a nursery to grow stronger and once they reach adult size, they are released back into the wild. This program helps raise the chances of kiwi chicks surviving to adulthood to 7 in 10 – a considerable increase.

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