Simon Thompson at St Luke’s

Last week St Luke’s was proud to host an evening displaying Artist Simon Thompson’s work. Simon first started painting with his seminal work, ‘too much art will kill you’ in 2007.

Mostly based in the US, Simon hasn’t shown work in London for several years so it was great to have him display his work at our agency, and also come along to host the event. In his speech Simon pointed out that it was rather poetic that his work was on display in an Ad Agency, he often finds the ideas that others love are those that might immediately be dismissed, or have been created to just add a bit of variation – almost a throw away piece of work. Unprocessed and not overthought.

A continuing theme in this particular set of work is transience; duality and the violence of the throwaway comment, often using celebrities and popular symbols as a visual tool, Simon has created a series of works that are at once disposable, timeless and unique.

Simon has worked with the Aquarium Gallery, the Amuti gallery and the Pure Evil Gallery in London. The Robert Fontaine Gallery in Miami represents Simon.

Thank you Simon for a really entertaining and insightful evening!

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