Sparkling News at St Luke’s

Here at St Luke’s we appreciate the finer things in life…good beer, great wine and when the occasion calls for it – fabulous champagne!

So we are very excited to announce that Pol Roger, the famous champagne house, has appointed us to their advertising account. Even more excitedly, a few very lucky St Lukers; Rose VanOrden (Planning Director & Head of Effectiveness) and Dominique Collins (Senior Account Director) were invited to visit Maison Pol Roger in Epernay to experience a full tour of the house, grounds and cellars (it’s a hard job…)


We met with our Pol Roger client, Paul Graham and a wider group of guest and started the trip in true French style; on the Eurostar, with a warm croissant and a café au lait. Once we arrived in Paris,  we made a quick pit stop at a Parisian market to pick up some fresh bread and cheese and commenced our short train ride to Epernay. Not wasting any time, we cracked open a bottle of Pol and tore open the cheese…naturally the only way to travel on a Wednesday morning!

Once we arrived in Epernay, we wrapped up warm and headed down to commence our tour of the Maison Pol Roger and the cellars. Our wonderful tour guide Axel was there to meet us and within the first few minutes his passion for all things champagne and Pol Roger took over and we were hooked on his every word.

Pol Roger is one of the smaller champagne houses and as a result they focus on producing smapller yields of exceptional quality. Using only the first press of the grapes and harvested by hand, the wine is fermented in pristine metal vats and then aged in the bottle down in the deep dark cellars below.

Pol Roger is famously known for being handcrafted, and this is true of every stage. Every single bottle is hand-turned (“riddled”) by highly trained ‘Hand Riddlers’. At larger champagne houses this process is performed by a machine, but at Pol Roger the art of hand riddling lives on and they employ 4 of the 9 remaining Hand Riddlers in the world. It’s an artform! We were lucky enough to witness Pascal riddling some of the bottles during our tour

That evening we attend a tasting session at the Maison.Pol Roger make 3 Non-Vintages and 4 Vintages. All tasted beautiful but our favourite had to be the Sir Winston Churchill 2004, which could only be described as utter perfection.

The evening only got better, as we enjoyed a beautiful three-course meal paired with Pol Roger. Axel was quick to test us on what we had learned throughout the day and encouraged us to guess the champagne for each course. As you can imagine, this became more challenging with every course and every glass!

We ended the trip with a fabulous tour of the vinyards and another delicious lunch, then headed back to London with a head full of memories and a new found appreciation for the sheer dedication and passion that goes into every drop of Pol.

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