St Luke’s: A Day in The Life

9am staggered start. Crossing the roads from Euston station can be a minefield.

What’s the code? Oh yeah there’s a trick… Wow does this gate open slowly – it crawls! The end of the path is lit, lit with a hanging Ox. Welcomed by a blast of warm air as you open the glass doors, which suits the equally warming smile at the reception desk. “Morning, morning, morning, how are you today?” is the standard opening line as you make your way to your seat.

Helping yourself to breakfast in the kitchen is a delight. This small corner of a bizarrely shaped building can get very busy at feeding periods, but throughout the day it’s your number one place to meet people and build up your multi-tasking skills between food preparation and chatting. Conversation ranges from small introductions to discussing who your first animated character crush was (each to their own).

Prepared to be offered tea at various points of the day. A yes is always the best response; those who do not like hot beverages may feel like a lost cause (Michael). But don’t bother offering to make toast in return – no one goes that far (we’ve been told toast is “personal”).

As a placement team, you hope there is enough space to sit at a desk on the main floor, rather than castaway to the basement. But if you’re having a mind-blank moment, this vast expanse of bits and bobs is a great territory to help reboot the ideas engine and put you on a fresh path of discovery. Having said that, the true life of the office is upstairs in the thick of it all.

Often the best ideas come when you least expect. So, if you feel the urge to step out of the office for an hour or so, feel free. The Wellcome Collection and the British Library are only around the corner. Just check your calendar beforehand to make sure no reviews are scheduled.

Yellow, blue, and red are the rooms of requirement. The magic is released, discussed between parties, discarded or advanced further. Here, there is no need to be nervous at reviews of work, the friendly atmosphere makes for a fairly casual affair.

There are always the occasional off-days in your brain, but it is important to soldier on and rattle off anything that comes to mind, even if you are unsure about where on earth your mind has gone. When you look back, the majority may likely be a pile of garbage, but in there somewhere could be the golden ticket, a nugget of genius. Ask questions, smile, talk to everyone, be present and have a drink if offered!

Enjoy your day… you’re at St Luke’s London.

This post was written by ME –

In true old-fashioned copywriter and art director fashion Emily Halladay wrote the article and Michael Woods made the film.

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