St Luke’s Day – Life’s What You Bake It

Another year, another smashing St Luke’s day.

The brief remains as it always has – a day of fun, learning, and inclusivity.

This year, the 24th St Luke’s day, in stark contrast to last year’s ‘day of enlightenment’ we indulged ourselves in a day of competitive team baking… This year we did the Bake Off.

Before making the trip down to the Big London Bake Off in Tooting, everybody was split into teams and were briefed to bake one of our brands. Armed with moodboards, wooden spoons and custom-made t-shirts, the teams set off.

Upon arrival, head baker Rochelle – aka Paul Hollywood in waiting – briefed the teams and mayhem ensued.

Ready. Steady. Bake.

Teams began planning… How many layers? What flavours? What colours? How to bake in the brand? Once plans were solidly in place, the baking commenced. It was messy, and it was anything but simple. As the timer ticked towards the 3 hour mark the teams scrambled to make the finishing touches that would potentially see them crowned Star Bakers.

Then the moment we’d all been dreading… the judging. The time at which our failings and baking incompetence’s would be laid bare in front of our colleagues… Surprisingly, for all the carnage at the outset the resulting cakes were (mostly) on brief, sweet, and most importantly delicious.

Somebody had to win though… top spot went to the team of Julian, Claire and Jade with their masterful Tanqueray cake. A perfect mix of the creative department and account management – 2 parts creative, 1 part account management.

Post bake we washed the cake down with a couple of well-earned beverages and a three course supper.

Until next year.

Team St Luke’s

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