St Luke’s journey to enlightenment

We’re 22! And what better way to celebrate than reaching a higher level of consciousness on our journey to enlightenment.

After a delightfully healthy lunch of wraps and crudités, we all hopped into cabs down to the Jamyang Buddhist centre in Elephant and Castle for an afternoon curated to tantalise our senses and give us all a greater sense of mind, body, and soul awareness.

A former Court House for the likes of the Kray twins and various gangs and terrorists in the 80s, the spectacular court was transformed into the Buddhist community centre in 1995.

We started off with a quick overview of the history of the building and a brief introduction into Buddhism before diving into our journey guided by 5 enlightenment gurus.

Our first group session was learning the ancient self defence techniques of the Chinese martial art Jiulong Baguazhang – two power poses helped us focus the mind and use the powers of our whole bodies to fight off any attack!

We then split into three groups where we each took our own personal journey learning about:

The powers of balanced snacking – our lovely teacher Hannah showed us how to fuel our bodies with delicious protein balls.

How yoga can help us connect with ourselves and others – our resident Hannaste yoga teacher got us losing all our inhibitions and laughing like kids again.

Healing our souls with a Tibetan singing bowl. An out of this world experience using sound waves to tune our bodies at a cellular level to leave us feeling relaxed and renewed.

We finished the day cleansing our subconscious with a group Ashtang mantra in the main shrine room.

Did we reach enlightenment? Well we all walked away with a greater sense of wellbeing …and some of us have still got the giggles.

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