St Luke’s take on Cannes 2019

Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity 2019 is officially over – that time of year where brands and agencies from far and wide descend on the sunny, coastal French town to celebrate the creative tech and innovation of marketing communications. It is one of the biggest events in the advertising industry’s calendar. A small team from St Luke’s attended the festival this year as part of the IPA and DTI’s Createch trade mission, the highlight of which was our CEO Neil speaking on a panel that “showcased the innovation and know-how that are hallmarks of British createch across the globe”.

To wrap it all up the whole week would be tough but we thought we’d try by sharing our pick of some of the festival highlights across brand campaigns honoured and experiences applauded…

‘Apple at Work – The Underdogs’ TBWA Media Arts

Rich Denney, our Executive Creative Director, had this to say about Apple’s delightful brand film which depicts how Apple products can aid us in making life and work easier:

“This is an absolute gem of a film. It’s a masterclass in how it should be done and is bang on brand; the direction, the editing, the music, the casting, the performances, the styling…. Watch it again and again and discover lovely touches every time.”

The film picked up multiple awards, including a Gold Lion for Direction and a Silver Lion for the script.

The Whopper Detour – Burger King – FCB New York

Here we have another pick from Rich. Burger King’s ‘Whopper Detour’ app re-directed McDonald’s customers to the nearest Burger King to get a Whopper for only a penny: “A brilliant idea that garnered a lot of PR for the brand and as always took a cheeky pop at McDonalds.”

The fast food chain’s campaign won the Mobile Grand Prix.

‘Keep Fortnite Fresh’ – Wendy’s – VMLY&R

Wendy’s, an American fast food chain, utilised Fortnite and Twitch in it’s Grand Prix winning activation ‘Keep Fortnite Fresh’. Fortnite is a blockbuster game that has become a global phenomenon (counting rapper Drake as a fan) and Twitch is a video sharing platform used by gamers. VMLY&R created an avatar that looked like Wendy’s brand mascot. Instead of targeting other players in the game, the avatar destroyed freezers in fast food joints which echoes Wendy’s brand ethos: no frozen beef! This was live-streamed on Twitch. The fun and playful activation effectively utilised a cultural phenomenon (Fortnite) and a popular social media platform (Twitch) to convey the brand’s ethos. The activation picked up the Social & Influencer Grand Prix.

Google Beach experience

Diversity, inclusion, and representation were the buzzwords on Google Beach this year, with industry leaders taking the stage to discuss the future of creativity. Google tech available to trial included “Le Scoop” ice-cream parlour, with a menu accessible through Google Translate, and the Pixel Swingshot to creative live gifs on the beach.

timeTo: Cannes – Lucky Generals

‘timeTo”, an industry task force set up to tackle the issue of sexual harassment, brought back its ‘Where Do You Draw The Line?’ campaign ahead of Cannes Lions, calling out sexual harassment during the festival. The campaign’s profound one-minute ad shows a young woman getting into a taxi in Cannes to head back to her hotel when she’s interrupted by a man who insists that they go back to his hotel room.

Branded sun lotion distributed during the festival, OOH posters, and social media content also formed part of the campaign.

Creativity is GREAT

The IPA and DTI trade mission, under the banner of “Creativity is GREAT”, aimed to promote the UK advertising industry at Cannes Lions. St Luke’s CEO Neil Henderson took part in a panel about the UK’s pioneering Createch industry. He spoke about the work we’ve created for Old Mout, Heineken’s Kiwi cider brand (more on that in our next blog) on a panel that included Janet Hull from The IPA and James Murphy, UK representative of “Creativity is GREAT”.

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