St Luke’s Unlocked

On Friday 27th September, as part of the IPA’s Advertising Unlocked Initiative, we unlocked our gates and welcomed 17 Students from Deptford Green School

The UK wide event, which is now in its 3rd year, encourages advertising, media and marketing agencies to throw open their doors and inspire the future generation of talent to consider a career in the creative industry, by experiencing it first hand.

Our CEO Neil Henderson kicked off the day explaining about the advertising Industry and specifically what we do for our clients – creating an Agenda Setting Idea that helps define everything that a brand does from the call centre to communications.  Once a brand has  a bold and compelling agenda and are clear about the benefit they offer they can then then express it in a way that demands attention.

Once they had the theory, it was time to show the students how this actually work and what better way that to use a live example – our exciting new client Tyrrells’,  We  walked our guests through the life of a campaign to help them understand what it takes to get from brief to live on air.  Using our new work for Tyrrells as a case study we demonstrated everything from the initial creative exploration all the way through to the production of the final TV and print ads, all whilst sampling the whole range of excellent crisps.

To give the students a chance to ask questions to all departments in the agency, we took a break for some pizza and a chat to the wider agency at lunch. In between games of table football and table tennis the students met a variety of St Lukers and were encouraged to find out about what each department and role entailed.

In the afternoon, it was time to get stuck in and show us what they had learnt by doing a fun practical task.  We gave them a brief to write a radio advert to go alongside the TV campaign for Tyrrells. Armed with even more crisps for inspiration, they split off into groups and spent some time both writing and recording some great 30 second radio ads – which we will be sharing with our clients.

We really enjoyed having our guests at St Luke’s for the day and sounds like they did too as we heard that “The students had a really positive day and learned a great deal about the industry. The practical tasks were fun and they enjoyed the warm welcome. Thank you so much, I hope we can do it again.”

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