St. Luke’s Unlocked

On Friday 29th September we unlocked our gates and welcomed students, school leavers and graduates into our agency to see what we really get up to!

It was all part the IPA initiative where 60 top advertising agencies from across the country helped over 1,200 people get an understanding of what a career in advertising is like.

Over 40 students joined us for the afternoon where they had the chance to go behind the scenes to see how our agency works and meet people from all different departments.

We kicked off the day by explaining how our Agenda Setting Ideas are much bigger than comms, they help define everything that a brand does. We believe that with a compelling agenda; brands are clear about the benefit they offer and are then able to express it in a way that demands attention.

We then helped our guests understand what it takes to create a Christmas campaign for one of the biggest online retailers, with each department explaining their role in the process from brief to launch 12 months later!

After a jammed packed afternoon, everyone joined us for Friday Nibbles and questions.

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