St Luke’s works on the MOMA of all OOH campaigns!

Today is the day that our first OOH campaign for MOMA foods launches across the nation. The campaign will run for four weeks and will raise awareness of MOMA’s range of porridge sachets and pots, challenging assumptions that all oats are born equal!

The MOMA campaign has been in motion since the beginning of December, and in the last 2 months we have been working flat out to deliver a whole new ASI, brand personality, behaviours, tone of voice, a mood film AND their biggest ever national OOH and social campaign.

Our campaign idea is ‘The MOMA of all’, reinforcing that however you like your oats, MOMA’s are the mother of them all.  Their pimped-up jumbo oats with tantalising flavour combinations set the new standard for the modern breakfaster.

We created a look and feel and illustrative style that is born straight out of their vibrant but limited colour palette on pack. The work was all created and produced in house and makes use of bold colour, illustrations, and animations to bring to life the MOMA porridge range, which includes cranberry and raisin, almond butter and salted caramel, and super seeds.

Tom Mercer, Founder, MOMA Foods, has some kind words to say: “St. Luke’s took this new positioning and developed some compelling new ad creative, which we will be using in our biggest ever above the line campaign which goes live at the end of January.  We’re really excited about ‘The MOMA of all’ line – not only do we think it will really resonate with our audience, this will now be at the centre of everything we do as a business.  St. Luke’s were exceptional and the team were a pleasure to work with.”

Look out for the ads on the London underground, on overground trains and in roadside locations outside gyms up and down the country.

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