Take 5 – St Luke’s support Mental Health Awareness week

With 1 in 6 people experiencing mental health problems in the workplace and understanding the impact it can have both on the individual and the businesses they work in. We wanted to show our support for Mental Health Awareness week

And what better way to do it than by serving up a delicious elevenses every day this week for everyone to tuck into, taking 5 minutes out from what they are doing to have a chat to their fellow colleagues.

We’re also encouraging employees to step out of the office to take advantage of our “Coffee Chats” initiative, set up in order to encourage the flow of information around the agency as we grow and help with staff wellbeing.

Inspired by a 1950s style Milk Bar in Mooloolaba Australia that has psychology consultants available to help equip its customers with tools and strategies to overcome challenges and thrive, our Head of Account Management, Lara Poole adapted this concept to work within a workplace setting.

‘Coffee Chats’ was designed to empower staff and encourage them to sit down with people within the agency that they might not usually work with. No need to wait for a formal review or meeting, the chats are a chance to escape the office, put projects aside for half an hour and discuss new ideas or get informal advice/ mentoring.

It’s a really useful tool to aid clear and open communication within the agency and can help to build confidence and resilience. It can also catch mental health issues early and give people a chance to express concerns that they might have to someone other than their line manager.

“At other agencies I have found it all too easy to live in the bubble of your account team, but initiatives like the coffee chats break down the silos and create strong relationships between teams.” Rob, St Luke’s Planner.

With the sun shining this week, it’s been the perfect time to get out of the office, get talking and benefit from some added vitamin D!

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