The ATL launch of Mothercare’s ‘Welcome to the Club’

It’s an exciting week for St. Luke’s as we launch our first ATL campaign for Mothercare. We’ve created four 30” ads using UGC from real Mothercare customers to bring the Agenda Setting Idea of ‘welcome to the club’ to life.

With 190 stores nationwide, and another 700 in countries all over the world, Mothercare has historically been a favourite for mums. Nevertheless, in recent years the brand has faced major challenges with its identity.

In 2015 they came to St. Luke’s as a consultancy client when we devised a whole new brand agenda for them. It was time for Mothercare to connect with a new generation of parents as the world’s most loved specialist parenting retailer. The new brand agenda was all about ‘uniting mums and dads to take on parenthood together’ and out of that came the ASI ‘welcome to the club’.

‘Welcome to the club’, launched below the line at the end of last year, and has been rolled out globally across all touch points including online, stores, staff training and all literature. This new campaign is the first ATL campaign to land the idea, and what better way to do that than by using real user generated content?

With the current appetite for authenticity and the fact that our audience is sharing more UGC than any other demographic on social, the homemade approach was perfect for this campaign. The content was recruited via the Mothercare Facebook page and email database, and over the course of 3 weeks we were inundated with hundreds of adorable clips.

Under the headings of teatime, playtime, bathtime and sleeptime we have created 4 x 30”s, 4 x 10”s and 8 product-focused Facebook carousels to run across TV, BRVOD, online VOD and social. The 6-week campaign will be a regional test that plays out in the North West, with a view to it rolling out nationally (and potentially globally) in 2018.

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