The Oxlympiad – World Cup Summer Party

World Cup fever hit St Luke’s hard last week, as our annual ‘Oxlympiad’ took on a footballing theme for the first time in its 4-year history.

The multi-disciplinary event has become a staple of the summer – the coveted Oxlympic trophy granting office bragging rights for a full 12 months. And this year’s edition had higher stakes than ever, as the team from The East looked to capture its first ever title.

After seeing the impact of VAR upon high-level sporting events, the Oxlympic Organising Committee voted to bring in the new technology to assure the integrity of the games – an inspired move that proved invaluable over the course of the tournament.

With the agency divided into four teams based on their place of birth, competitive spirits were running high. Gang signs were thrown, slurs were hurled, and in one corner an intense game of tic-tac-toe broke out over a territory dispute. Thankfully referees Rory ‘Short Short Shorts’ Gilbride and Jack ‘Very Attentive Referee’ Harris were able to get the riotous masses in check and begin the proceedings.

Over 6 (loosely) football-themed events, the four teams battled for the crown. Foosball, Table Tennis Football, and the Football Over and Under were all taken by the West, whilst the North took home a victory in Football Dribbling.

In a long-awaited rematch, the Famed ‘One-Handed Pimm’s Making’ (renamed to ‘Pimm’s a la Maradona’ for the day) saw Georgie Moran and Laura Harris square off. With both parties eager to win, accusations were thrown from both benches, resulting in an appeal to (and length review by) VAR. Despite the infringement eventually being ruled legal, neither party was to be truly vindicated as victory was snatched by a fabulously delicious effort from Claire Wombwell.

But it was the final event of the day that sealed the deal for the eventual winners: the Football Fancy Dress Relay. Tasked with dressing a team member in the regalia of well-known football heroes (and then celebrating accordingly) it was the East that pulled out the shock win from behind to lift the curse of the past 3 years and take the title.

If nothing else, it’s shown us all that anything is possible on the day – you just have to believe. Come on England!

A huge thanks to the whole organising team – Rory, Hannah, Jack, Georgie, Jess, Sophie, and everyone who helped out on the day.

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