’s Biggest Christmas yet!

The day has come for the Very Christmas ad to showcase itself on the always-competitive public stage. With a launch spot in the X-Factor and a creative idea we are super-proud of, emotion is high at St Luke’s Towers…

The core customer insight is that, for many, the very best part of Christmas is the joy that is derived from the act of giving. The happiness they get is a direct and amplified reflection of the happiness they create for others. This is brought to life by demonstrating that our hearts grow with every act of big-hearted behavior. Playing to the key theme of ‘get more out of giving’, the campaign communicates how’s great range of brands, products and strong delivery proposition, make it easy to get more out of your Christmas this year.


The TV ad tells the story of our heroine, Rose, who can be seen giving gifts to others. As a consequence, her heart can be seen to grow, quite literally, to the point where it picks her up and carries her off above the clouds.

We recruited the amazing Passion & Against All Odds team to produce the project. Week by week they built endless animations and illustrations to create a world and beautiful characters that featured across various elements of the £15m multimedia campaign.

This includes brand and promotional TV work, press and OOH, VOD, video bumpers, digital takeovers, real-time DOOH, behind the scenes ‘bloopers’ and a social content campaign including bespoke mobile-first video and a competition, featuring ITV presenter Rochelle Humes. With production costs in excess of £1.4m, it’s the biggest ever spend for Very at Christmas!



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