Very launches new Agenda Setting Idea with multi-channel campaign

We’re excited to announce the launch of Very’s new Agenda Setting Idea: Say yes when it matters most.

The campaign is taking the place of Very’s usual Spring Summer product launches. This year, we’re communicating more broadly what Very stands for: being there for you when it matters most.

At the centre of the campaign is a 30” TV spot. The story follows the relationship between a Dad and Daughter, on a journey to better understand each other. After receiving an invite to a Princess party, Amy is uninspired, unenthused and pretty down. At storytime a few days later, Dad realises why this might be: she couldn’t care less about pink and sparkles. He gets to work. We see at the end that Dad has been slaving away on the perfect costume– she can now be fully herself as a Monster Mermaid Princess.

The campaign is running across TV, VOD, OOH, Radio, Print and Social channels throughout Spring 2020. We’re excited to see the communications shift perceptions of Very – from a predominantly female, fashion brand to a department store brand for men, women and families. At the heart of Very’s business is a desire to understand what matters most to its customers – and to be there for those moments, whatever they are. We’re excited to communicate this to Very’s wide audience so they can make the most of the brand’s huge offering.

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