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Social strategy and content has become a core offering for us here at St. Luke’s. We create everything from live streams and business as usual and campaign content, to TikTok AR filters and everything in between. With dedicated social strategists and content experts as well as award winning creative teams, St. Luke’s can bring any brand to life on all social platforms.

BAU Social

We offer a full service when it comes to organic social; from developing social strategies, toolkits and playbooks, to producing engaging and social first content. 

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AR Filters

For the last 2 years, our creative partner Jules Vizard has been exploring the creative potential of augmented technology on Instagram and TikTok.

He is a self-taught creator on both platforms, clocking up half a billion views on TikTok alone - thanks in part to getting the attention of Lizzo.

In 2022, he was invited by TikTok to take part in a hackathon to explore the creative potential of new functionality.

He’s also begun to apply his creative skills to client projects, most notably for KP’s Space Raiders, and he's regularly featured on Lenslist’s “Pick of the Week”, the go-to authority on everything AR.

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