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South Western Railway
Staff Abuse

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This campaign was about encouraging non abusive behaviour towards SWR staff in and around stations. No matter how your journey is, be kind.


We brought to life the long lasting impact that abuse can have on SWR staff, long after they finish work. Following research into real stories from staff, we created a disruptive campaign that alleviated the long term impact insulting words can have on them. 


Each poster captures everyday moments when you might be reflecting on your day at work; like arriving home, making a cup of tea, preparing dinner or even taking a shower. Large insults like ‘you absolute moron’, ‘you dumb cow’, ‘you stupid old fool’ and ‘you fat idiot’ each infiltrate the staff’s home environment, highlighting how the abuse can linger, long after it was inflicted.


The ads were contextually placed on OOH sites across the South Western Rail network, in and around stations amongst commuters travelling.

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