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We'll be in Austin, TX from March 7th - 14th.

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format quiz

Have you got format talent, or are you the weakest link? Find out here.

SXSW panel

We’re all aware of the power of formats in TV. Jeopardy! The Apprentice. The Traitors. Shark Tank. From networks to Netflix, formats capture attention around the world.

But formats are evolving and finding new life in all kinds of places.  From the ‘Off Menu’ podcast to ‘GRWM’ (Get ready with me) Tiktoks, Obbys on Roblox, ‘TIL’ (Today I learned) on Reddit - formats are winning everywhere, and anyone can embrace them. 

We’ll discuss the new rules of formats. Bringing together experts from the worlds of TV, branded content, and social we’ll explore what makes a killer format and what these worlds can learn from each other.

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