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Unmistakably Tanqueray

Since 1830 Tanqueray has been at the heart of the explosive gin scene.


Its unique botanical recipes create superlative gins that are enjoyed all over the world.

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But despite gin’s meteoric growth over the past decade - particularly the growing popularity of craft - Tanqueray continues to be the favourite of bartenders and connoisseurs everywhere thanks to its indisputable taste and quality.


Our Agenda Setting Idea, Unmistakably Tanqueray, celebrated this unique heritage and timeless, extraordinary taste.


Using the visual tool of the blindfold, we travelled through time to capture the elevated taste experienced by all.


Brought to life across TV, digital, OOH and print, we made Tanqueray distinctive across borders in an overcrowded market.

Assets were transcreated across multiple markets across Europe, South America, Africa, Australia and Asia by Tag world writers services.

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Catapulting the brand to the No. 1 fastest growing gin.

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