Owned by Diageo, Tanqueray is nearly 180 years old
Our TV campaign taps into Tanqueray's unique heritage, showing how the gin has been enjoyed from 1830 to the present day

This built on a global outdoor, digital and print campaign, which launched in November 2018 and covers the three most popular variants – London Dry, Flor de Sevilla and No. TEN

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Our task was to make Tanqueray distinctive in the overcrowded global gin market

Tanqueray is award-winning for its taste and this is the reason it is preferred by bartenders around the world, so taste became our creative heartland


Using the visual tool of the green blindfold, we created an idea that worked effectively across borders and cultures


As a result, Tanqueray has become the fastest-growing gin in the world


Agenda Setting Idea: Unmistakably Tanqueray

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Agenda Setting Idea: Unmistakably Tanqueray

The campaign has further evolved to work equally well digitally 

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