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You'll totally get there

TotallyMoney is an app-based credit broker on a mission to improve the UK’s credit score and help people move on up to a better future.


Previous campaigns had generated some success in raising awareness and usage, but now TotallyMoney wanted to further boost its growth with a campaign that communicated the brand’s purpose and values.


Whilst the social context made the category more relevant and necessary than ever, competitors were prioritising creating awareness and memorability in their ads at the sacrifice of showing compassion or building trust. We realised that in order to cut through the noise in the category, we had to do something different.

The result was a campaign idea that was sincere in tone, but full of optimism by positioning TotallyMoney as a trusted partner that will help those willing to put in the effort and commitment to reach their goals – whatever they may be.


We launched the campaign with a TV spot which sees our hero, amongst other characters, embarking on their journey to better credit and climbing up their own respective ladders towards their individual goals, ending with the rallying line “TotallyMoney. You’ll totally get there.”

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