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It's in YOU

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YOU is beloved by Mail on Sunday readers as the nation’s most inspirational magazine for multi-generational women. Non-readers, however, thought it covered little more than horoscopes and how-tos.

You Magazine Rebellious.jpg

We needed to bring the beating heart of the magazine to life for a wider audience. Real stories by and for women in their prime: happier, sexier, and freer than they’d ever been.

You Magazine Unstoppable.jpg

The world – including the category itself – tells these women they’re over the hill. So our campaign celebrated their strength, their power, and just how fabulous they really are. 

You Magazine Unapologetic.jpg

Preliminary results show that those who saw the campaign were more likely to associate YOU with being ‘modern’ and ‘for people like me’, with over a 1/3 of less regular readers saying the campaign would make them more likely to buy it at the weekend. 

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